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Our professional interpretation staff will help communicate the value of your company to others. Let our experienced interpreters help you get your message across in terms of not only accuracy of content, but also in emotion and confidence. Break down language and cultural barriers to form strong connections with who you are and what you offer.


We can provide services that meet your needs, including interpretation staff and equipment (such as interpreting booths and radios). Feel free to ask us about any of your questions.

Consecutive Interpretation and
Simultaneous Interpretation

We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and can provide rental interpretation equipment including booths, transmitters and receivers.

E.g.: Corporate conferences, seminars, international committee meetings, international forums, presentations, corporate public relations, press briefings and more

Business Negotiations

For all your important business negotiations, our interpretation services will ensure your message is communicated smoothly, clearly and accurately.

Attendance and On-site Interpretation

Our interpreters are available for your events, from factory tours to trade fairs, ensuring you make the most of every opportunity.


Our interpretation staff includes professional voice actors able to give voice to your message for audiences you would be unable to reach otherwise.


We support major European, Asian and Southeast Asian languages including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese, and Nepalese.

Over our nearly 40 years we have expanded our network world-wide and can provide specialized technical translations in Eastern European languages such as Russian, Polish, Czech and Bulgarian, Middle Eastern languages including Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi (Persian) and African languages such as Swahili, Ethiopian (Amharic) and Afrikaans.

We are able to support most languages. Please consult with us if the language you need translation in is not listed above to find out how we can help you.

Types of Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter repeats after each phrase spoken by the speaker.
This is the most common form of interpretation for meetings with a small number of people and when
communication will occur in both directions. Perfect for when information needs to be communicated with
a high degree of accuracy, more time is required for the repetition of everything said.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation occurs in large settings with most of the communication happening in a
single direction. Conferences and live broadcasts where communication is time sensitive are some
examples of when simultaneous interpretation is commonly used. Due to the advanced skills and high
level of concentration required for this kind of interpretation, interpretation is generally performed by
a team and special interpretation equipment may be required.


When the audience for the interpretation is a small number of people, the interpreter can sit next to
the listener and whisper the interpretation in real-time. This allows your VIP guests to participate in
important meetings and large conference settings.


Inter-translation services can provide internationalization services for your video content, from typists
for creating a script from recorded content to translation of scripts, subtitling and voice acting at
recording studios to mix back over your visual content.

How to Arrange for Interpretation

Please contact us with your interpretation schedule as soon as your event is decided. We recommend at least two weeks in advance so we can confirm the schedule for the interpreter most well suited to your needs.

Interpretation Fees

Our fees are based on units of whole days (up to 8 hours) or half days (up to four hours).

The rate varies by language and specialty, as well as the kind of interpretation. Estimates are free. Please consult with us.

Please note that interpretation is subject to cancellation fees due to the need to schedule in advance. The cancellation fees are as follows:
100% if cancelled on the day or the day before
50% if cancelled 2-3 days before
10% if cancelled 4-7 days before

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand that the information we handle for our customers is often important or valuable private or confidential information. We have a thorough confidentiality and privacy system that ensures your information remains private and confidential including NDAs with all internal personnel and partners, technological and software solutions to prevent hacking or information theft. We pledge to keep your information private and can enter into further privacy agreements as needed. Please consult with us.

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