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What is high quality translation?
Crystal clarity and perfect pitch.

When your translation reaches people with the same ease of understanding and touches hearts in the same way as the original, the translation is achieving its goals. In documents both formal and casual, these same principles apply. Our mission is to provide translations that connect with crystal clarity and resonate with perfect pitch every time.

Translation Quality

Translation Quality

Inter-Translation Services believes in the importance of maintaining a high standard in quality translation.
We consider the appropriateness of the translator to the subject matter in order to provide high quality translation at an appropriate level of cost for the project. In any language, it is important to communicate the content with an expression that helps it to reach the other person. This requires native understanding of not only meaning, but also nuance. Further, selecting an translator with a deep understanding of the field of translation in both languages ensures that terminology is used correctly and based on the field and corporate context. Our specialists, in fields from medicine to automotive and engineering, have on-site experience using the language found not in a dictionary, but only through working alongside the professionals in the field.

Government and Official Translation

Inter-Translation Services performs multi-lingual translation of government periodicals such as newsletters, budgets, gazetteers, reports, and other public information. In addition to English and Japanese we also provide services in Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Filipino (Tagalog), Vietnamese, Nepalese and more than 50 other languages. Whether the documents are diplomatic or lifestyle in nature, let us help you communicate with citizens and concerned persons around the world. All estimates are provided for free.

Translation by Inter-translation Services

Native translation that reaches your audience.
For each project we take on at ITS, we break down the borders of nation and language to create a team
focused on helping you achieve the same. For example, when translating to English, a native English
speaker performs the translation, a bilingual native checker ensures quality and the design and layout
are handled by a staff familiar with both languages. We provide translation with an unmatched level of
specialization in your field, editing able to match your style guide and glossary requirements, and visual/
media presentation that connects and communicates what makes your organization special. With nearly
40 years of experience we offer this team to you in an efficient and economical manner while providing
translation quality you can trust and rely on.

Services we Provide

Industrial Translation
Instruction Manuals, Technical Specifications, Quality Assurance Documentations, CAD Drawings, Diagrams and more

Automotive, aeronautic/aerospace, manufacturing and production engineering, casting machinery, foundry equipment, electronics, IT/ITC, software, inspection, measurement/instrumentation, chemicals, heat treatment, vacuum systems, fluid engineering, civil engineering and construction, medical equipment, patents, safety testing, metallurgy, ceramics, materials science, etc.

Business Translation
Contracts, estimates, quotations, reports, investor relations (IR), sales presentations, corporate profiles, etc.

NDAs, privacy policies, sales contracts, employment contracts, technical quotations, terms of delivery, P/L statements, financial reports, articles of incorporation, websites, advertising, marketing, tourism pamphlets and more

Official and General Documents
Magazines, news articles, application forms, government and official documentation, notices, communication, pamphlets and more

Certified translation, notarized translation, affidavits, apostilles, summaries, email, phone records, historical information, museums, religious works (Christianity, Buddhism, etc.), emails, phone records, meeting minutes, etc.

Proofreading, ghost writing, transcription
Academic papers, copy writing, advertising language, native check, publications, books, transcriptions, manuscripts, play writing, and much more

Contact us to improve the professionalism of your communication

We support a wide variety of formats and platforms, from traditional desktop OSes such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS, to mobile platforms such as iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android applications, websites, Microsoft Office formats (Word .doc/.docx, Excel .xls, .xlsx, PowerPoint .pptx, .ppt), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), InDesign (.indd), QuarkXpress, CAD (.dwg), subtitles (.srt) and many others. Please ask us about your specific needs.

Languages We Support

We support major European, Asian and Southeast Asian languages including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese, and Nepalese.

Over our nearly 40 years we have expanded our network world-wide and can provide specialized technical translations in Eastern European languages such as Russian, Polish, Czech and Bulgarian, Middle Eastern languages including Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi (Persian) and African languages such as Swahili, Ethiopian (Amharic) and Afrikaans.

We are able to support most languages. Please consult with us if the language you need translation in is not listed above to find out how we can help you.

Translation Workflow


Please contact us by phone (+81-52-261-9330), email ( ) or FAX (+81-52-261-9307) so we can find out about your needs.


After we find out about your needs including the content, language pair, purpose, deadline and budget, we will give you a quotation for the price and delivery date. Depending on the length of the project, we will perform research and analysis in order to shorten the length of translation and offer you translation at a lower cost.

Placing your Order

To confirm your order, simply contact us be phone or email. Please note that for first time customers we may ask for an initial payment in full or in part before accepting the order.


Your translation is performed by the translator best suited to the subject matter with experience and knowledge of the area of translation.

Quality Check

Native and bilingual editing staff check the translation for accuracy and clarity. When needed, certification/notarization/apostilles are prepared to ensure the translation is accepted.

Final Finishing (Layout and Production)

Our production staff finish the translation with layout, design, and other steps required to ensure the translation is easily understood and can be compared with the original easily. Depending on the format of the document, this step can include CAD, subtitling and print layout.


We can deliver by email, fax, or hard copy depending on your needs. Feel free to consult with us.

Fees and Delivery Schedule

We support rapid turn-around and can provide translations with even tight deadlines. Please ask us about your project.

Cost depends on the content of the document, the deadline, language pair and other factors.

In general we can provide translation from Japanese to English, Chinese or Korean for as low as 3,800 yen per 400 characters for basic correspondence or 4,000 yen for business or formal documents.

Quotations are prepared at no cost. Please ask us for an estimate today.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand that the information we handle for our customers is often important or valuable private or confidential information. We have a thorough confidentiality and privacy system that ensures your information remains private and confidential including NDAs with all internal personnel and partners, technological and software solutions to prevent hacking or information theft. We pledge to keep your information private and can enter into further privacy agreements as needed. Please consult with us.

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